After thirteen years of working on computers and networks, the techs at Boise Systems have seen the computer industry change from hulking, power-hungry towers to small and sleek PCs that fit in the palm of your hand. We still remember our history though. We remember before the Cloud. We remember the noisy fans and expensive electric bills. Things have come a long way, but the oldies can still be goodies. If a computer runs, then it's good for something. We have some ideas. Give us a call at 208-890-6169, or drop us a line using the contact form below!


New Systems

Let us build a new system that will make your electric provider wonder if you're home at all. Upselling is for the other guys. If you only check email and Facebook, we'll build a system for that. If you're a gamer, then game on. We'll be the first to point you to a tablet if that's the best fit for you. If you're not sure what your needs are, let us keep it real.

Common Builds

  • Workstation
  • Home Theater
  • File / Media Server
  • Gaming Machine

Average Cost: 300-500

Price may vary based on scope of work.

System Optimization

With energy conservation and style in mind, let us integrate your existing computers into a network capable of streaming media to any device, a network that backs everything up and is accessible from anywhere. Freshly-loaded computers are happy computers. Want to go wireless? We can make it fast and secure. Want to give your PC a boost? We can upgrade components with the parts that fit your needs.

Common Upgrades

  • RAM
  • Hard Disk / Solid State Drive
  • CPU
  • Graphics Card

Average Cost: 100

Price may vary based on scope of work.

Virus Removal

We've all been there. There is no shame when it comes to virus removal. Often viruses can be installed on your computer without your knowledge and use your machine to do unpleasant things. We can clear the junk out and set you up with the proper safeguards, so you won't need to worry about malicious software lurking on your PC. Need a fresh start and want your computer reloaded? That works too.

Common Services

  • File Backup
  • Virus Detection
  • Virus Removal
  • System Restoration

Average Cost: 65 per hr

Price may vary based on scope of work.


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